Friday, 1 May 2009

Where has the month gone

Wow its been a whole month since i blogged its been a bad month had the kids bikes knicked had my sons bedroom window put through then i was ill and ended up in hospital i have been diagnosed with gallstones and then got admitted to hospital with acute pancreatitus i was in a bad way for the 1st couple days and ended up bein in there a week was glad to get home at the end of this month i have a pre op app and then will need to go back in to have my gallbladder removed so will be glad when it is all over i have tried to take it as easy as poss and slowly getting back in to things today i have managed to do a lo and ready to do another one hopefully my mojo will return
Lo done using sarahs cards april kit lovely MME penny lane collection we had a day out easter monday and i managed to take these photos of the kids on a owl carved bench