Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain rain go away

The weather has been horendous today pouring it down all day got soaked goin to school and back this mornin got changed and dried then went to my mums as a nurse was comin to show me how to give her injections i was quite nervous this morning but the nurse was lovely talked me through every step and i did it perfectly my mum and dad were proud of me and i was proud of myself for doin it nurse is comin again next week to go through it again with me then after that i will be on my own to do it if it helps my mum then i dont mind.
Here are 2 los i did this afternoon whilst the weather was bad am halfway through another but been tryin to sort DD out as she is playin up for me now like she always does whilst it has been rainin today the wind has been blowin towards my back door and i noticed bubbles put my hand there and its been leaking through gone through 3 towels this afternoon soakin it up hope it doesnt rain again tommorow.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Busy busy busy

Have joined in on the imediate challenge thread on uks and have done 3 los earlier 1st is using scraps of paper 2nd is usin pink green and 2 flowers and 3rd is usin 2 patterned papers and 3 photos have wrote a list out so will do some more tommorow i sort of lost my mojo so hoping i will get stuck in again doin these challenges

Nathans birthday

Nathan was 12 and he has had a great day i was really struggling to come with something to use for this weeks challenge on uks so who would have thought my sons birthday would save the day he wanted a new mobile phone and thats all he said he wanted for his bday so he came into my room in the morning and opened his cards and presents i gave him but there was no phone so he went to his room after a minute i called him back and said i forgot one and as he opened it the smile on his face said it all he was so happy bless him

So here is my take on the challenge theres a mobile phone template in the bottom corner and there is hidden journalling inside.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


DD has been playing up and have felt quite stressed no idea whats got in to her but hope she changes soon just dont know what to do why did i have to have a devil lol made this maze book yesterday for a friends 11 yr old girl who has just recently been told she is goin to lose her hearing and nothing can be done to save it so hope it cheers her up also sent her few cardmaking bits as she has just got in to making cards.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Getting there

Am doing well with my cards at the moment got my fathers day ones done and also my mums bday ones and an anniversary one got 2 more bday cards to do this weekend and that is it for the month no make that 3 got my friends bday too lol here are some of the cards i did

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Another card

Made this after picking DD up from school its a challenge card for a cardmaking group i am in have just prepared bits for another but am gonna wait til kids are in bed before i sit and do anymore now.

On a roll

Managed to do the uks weekly challenge lo and 3 cards today and hoping to do some more later

Really pleased with how this turned out thought the blue and orange may clash with the photos but it doesnt am gonna show this to my dad later or i may frame it and give it to him for fathers day.

This is an anniversary card i made for my bf mum to give to her DH like the gold red tones of this

This is an anniversary card i di for the kids to give to their nan and grandad.

This is just a genrel card that will go in my box for future birthdays/raks.
wet dreary day today so what better way to spend it than crafting lol

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Been busy tryin to get the decoratin done today finished the bathroom just got to stencil the border now sons room is a bit of a pain the paper doesnt seem to want to come off so gonna leave it at one wall and paper over the rest as it needs doin asap. Managed to fit some scrappin in tonight did my cj entry and also weekly challenge for uks which i am quite pleased with

Its a picture of my mum and her eldest sister they dont get to see each other often it was at my cousins party and a few tears were shed as they caught up my auntie barbara is just like my nan and it was great to see her thought the colours of the papers matched the photo well.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

I need a break

I so wish i could pack a bag and head off for a few days am at the end of my tether at the moment just hope things will improve nearly made a call to the police last night after DD decided to wander off spent nearly a good hour searching for her finally found her and grounded her today for the good it did cos her dad just gave in to her and let her out had another row with him thats what my life consists of lately row after row dont think i can take much more.
Was hopin to do a lo tonight but am not in the mood so gonna head off for bed soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Think i had a bad idea with this decorating lark lol stripped the bathroom yesterday and have started painting it today am not so keen on the colour it looks too dark i wanted something clean and fresh looking and knew i shud have gone for the other colour i saw oh well to be honest i cant really be bothered with it but it needs finishing would rather sit and craft just havin a cuppa before i get back to it have done one and half walls i am a slow decorater so shud finish it before bed lol

Monday, 4 June 2007


I am so glad caitlin is back at school tommorow she has been really naughty today been arguing with her cousins then later in the day she threw a stone and hit my auntie in the face at the side of her eye so i threw her to bed. Cant beleive she did that she is just gettin out of control lately and am runnin out of ideas of what to do with her may have to get in touch with the school nurse again and she if she can advise anything. Wanted to do a bit of crafting today but its too late now as i am havin an early night busy day ahead tommorow.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Enjoying the nice weather

Another lovely day here been a nice weekend my sister did a BBQ earlier so that ment i didnt have to cook which was fab altho its been too warm to cook a dinner which is what we usually have on a sunday. Am hoping to do a lo or 2 later once the kids are in bed. Got a busy week planned went to b and q this morning got some lining paper and paint for my sons bedroom and also some paint for the bathroom so thats my plans for this week decorating am also startin my diet tommorow so at least it will be a bit of excercise too lol am feeling really bad about myself at the moment as i have put loads of weight on and am just not happy within myself so have decided to do something about it my problem is i dont stick at things so am gonna give a good go this time if things get too much am gonna try and think of a way to distract me from snacking and do something positive so shall see how i get on.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Sunny day

Lovely sunny day here today which makes a nice change from the rain we had in the week been sat in the garden for a little bit in between shopping and gettin new shoes for the kids for school no scrappin today got visitors soon so no point startin anything now. Got a lot going on at home at the moment so need try get things sorted out in my head and see what happens just hope it all works out for the best as i cant carry on like this no more its either going to go one way or the other.