Thursday, 31 January 2008


Well its been a while since i posted on here below is a couple of los i have done recently hoping to do some scrapping tommorow as its too cold to go out anywhere and snow is on its way i am full of cols streaming eyes a runny nose (sore at that lol) chapped lips i am not impressed

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Altered frame

Not a very good pic will take a better one in daylight tommorow but this is a clip frame i did earlier after bein inspired by leeann21 on uks dont think its turned out too bad for a first attempt

days 5 and 6

Day 5 I am beautiful no matter what they say
journalling says
People who know me know i am beautiful or else they wouldnt want to know me But i dont beleive i am i think i am fat and ugly on the outside but the one thing i do know is that i'm a good person who's kind,caring and giving and always there for others before i am there for myself so i need to start listening to myself more which i will try do because i am beautiful even if i dont belive it
Day 6 Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of the sumeams
journalling reads
I can see a difference to my hands and thats there getting older i dont take as much care to my hands as i should be doin and takin this photo today looking closely i am goin to try change that you only get 1 pair of hands in this life and i know mine arnt afraid of hard work either take care of your hands

My journal

This is my journal i am using for th 365 challenge its an index card holder and cards from asda had it months but didnt know what to use it for it seemed perfect for this challenge so the cards are bein covered in papers for my mini los the journal itself has been covered in kelly panaccione of a kind papers with a bit of ribbon ad few flowers used hippie chick alpha for the word journal

365 journal days 3 and 4

Here are days 3 and 4

day 3 Imperfection
I hate the shape of my body fat tummy and big bum i never lost the weight after havin caitlin until couple of years ago when i lost over a stone and dropped a dress size i felt better within myself But i put it all back on again and feel very insecure about myself So if i have done it before i can do it again i just have to beleive in myself and the imperfections will go away (missed some journalling out as its personal to me)

Day 4 normal day
A daily routine forme is preparing meals i am def not a good cook and burn toast at the best of times lol but i do try and always make sure theres a meal on the table for my kids Today i did a pie not my own ready made pastry and filling but at least i tried it tasted nice actually my kids are funny eaters so sometimes i am do more than 1 meal but its all part of my daily routine along with the other things in life

365 journal days 1 and 2

Days 1 and 2 of the 365 challenge journal
Day 1 Laughter journalling on the back is goals for 2008
1,to lose weight
2,to be happy
3,find a job
4,beleive in myself and have more confidence
5,to move house

Day 2 choses posotive as my word
I'm starting to feel more posotive today than i have in the past week i still have a lot going round in my head from events that have happened but things can only get better cant they?
Today i feel they can together with determination and the love of the people around me and hinking posotive thoughts

Friday, 4 January 2008

even more pages

Here are some more pages from my xmas journal am missing 21 as i couldnt find anything for that day and will prob miss a couple more too but i have recorded most of my journey still a few more pages to be done and will do them over the weekend day 25 has 3 photos it lifts up to reveal the other 2

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

more journal pages

Here are a few more pages from my christmas journal am enjoying doin this and will def do another come next xmas except i will keep up to it next time and get it done in time lol