Monday, 31 December 2007

Here are a few more pages of my xmas journal just need to scan and copy receipts for my shopping page to pop inside the picture the turkey pic isnt our turkey ours doesnt look as good as that lol

Sunday, 30 December 2007

This is the front cover of my xmas journal i mde these a while ago in the hope of startin my pages early december but have only just started on saturday putting pages together have done 6 pages so far and here are 4 of them will put the rest on as i go along

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Rule the world

1st lo of dec done for weekly challenge on uks pics of my son dressed as a king for book day at school thought they would be perfect for this song by take that which i love at the moment always singing along to it used my once upon time paper and die cut peices as it all fit together so a simple quick lo


This is the advent calender that i made for my son
inspired by tracie hudson its made out of matchboxes mountboard covered in paint and paer and embellished with xams bits and pieces my son liked it and even my mum was impressed he he my son helped make it which he enjoyed

O christmas tree

We put our tree and decs up on 1st dec and i took these pics to put in to my journal that i havnt even started doin yet and must get round to it not done much of anything need to do my cards buy pressies etc etc and all in just under 2 weeks santa will be here where does the time go lol

Friday, 23 November 2007

Using more things from my sarahs card monthly kit sticking to the black and white theme i decided to do my white page for my colour album looks much better irl put it against black cardstock for the photo cos it didnt turn out on its own used liquid pearls to write the title squiggle down the sides and in the centre of the flowers

Friend lo

I decided to have another go at the weekly challenge
and came up with this thought it was perfect for the papers used from my sarahs cards monthly kit altho elaine doesnt like her piccie on it lol

Sunday, 18 November 2007

At last my mojo came back

I dont know what has happened lately but my mojo just flew the nest havnt been able to do anything as i had no idea what to do luckily i have done my first lo of the month a weekly challenge set on uks and scrapped one thing that is dear to me my dad he is always there for me no matter what so enjoyed doin this page and was pleased with how it turned out always better when you like what you have done so i now have a few photos out that i have some ideas for so thats good and should be back in to the swing of it all now (she hopes lol )

Monday, 22 October 2007

Acrylic album

Really enjoyed this class during the cc an acrylic album i have always wanted to have a go at not added any photos to it as i want to add the right ones when i find them to go with the colour scheme am gonna do some more of these as i think they look fab only time consuming thing is waiting for things to dry but thats worth it to have a result like this

Made a boo boo

Made a boo boo on this lo but i am not gonna say where unless you look in my gallery on uks you wont know lol done for the cc on uks thought it was time i did some more los of my ds as i havnt really done that many really like how it turned out in the end

Saturday, 20 October 2007


This was my take on the banana frog sketch class for the cybercrop on uks done in 8x8 and was perfect for the photos i had from one year that i wasnt so close mixed with bigger ones from when i were lol i go to their concert every year and everyone who knows me knows how much of a big fan of westlife i am lol


This was a scraplift of tree saws lo on uks done for the cyber crop orignal can be seen here
It is done for my 8x8 album which is filling up nicely had to scale it down but dont think it looks too bad it is my friend on her wedding day of which i was honoured to be able to share with them

Monday, 8 October 2007

Yay my mojo is comin back lol

Cant beleive its so long since i last posted on here time certainly does fly by not done any scrapping for about 3 weeks but did this lo last night for a class in the cc on uks its for my sisters album so hope she likes it when i give it to her for xmas i will do this class again for myself too sure i have a holiday photo somewhere that i can use will be doin some more tonight as i think my mojo is slowly returnin lol

Monday, 10 September 2007


Challenge set by kath on the imediate challenge thread on uks to use blue 2 pics and flowers came up with this bad photo so will change if i get a better pic in daylight

Cute enough?

Did this for the weekly challenge on uks quite surprised myself and done this on the day the challenge was given first time i have done that this is gonna go in my sisters album i am doin her for xmas hence the title cos i aint his mum lol quite plain and basic but wanted the pic to stand out managed to meet all requirements without goin too extravagent i painted an arrow on with acrylic paint first time i have put paint on a lo dont think it looks too bad

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Green page

Another colour album lo did some paper tearing on this one used flowers and buttons as centres pic is of one of my many teddy bears used chipboard letters from a brenda pinnick tsv on qvc

Black page

This is another lo for my colour album obviously my black page took a pic of my tea coffee sugar canisters lol used dif shades of black paper to co-ordinate based on a skecth i saw but cant remember where from

The pink house

This was done for sept wk 1 challenge on uks based on a sketch from pagemaps the pink at the side are pink letters doesnt show too well in pic i used diamond glaze to cover chipboard letters and glittered them with pink glitter to spell house the playhouse was for my DD for her 8th birthday she was thrilled to bits to get what she asked for am glad i finally got some scrapping done tonight have done 3 los so not too bad he he

Friday, 31 August 2007

What would they do without me

I am looking after 2 houses and taking my sisters kids to school and back next week and watchin them til their dad picks them up whilst all my family go away on holiday i am not jealous lol Well i am just a little wish i could go away lol but its like oh amanda wont mind doing this and doing that was going to do a lo earlier but my cousins and aunt came to see me as they are going away with my parents and sisters my time will come next year i hope lol

Monday, 27 August 2007

One lo done

Managed to do this lo last night for the uk week 4 challenge but wasnt able to upload til now as my internet went off last night due to a fault in the box and only had it back on since 4pm 1st chance i have had to come online due to visitors so not managed to get any more done today like i had planned to oh well you win some you lose some lol

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Still no scrapping

Well i havent managed to scrap a single thing this week was hoping to do some earlier but my friend called me from ireland to ask if i would go set her mums pc up for skype so they can chat so been down there doing that came home had something to eat and am now not in mood maybe i will have a good scrapping day tommorow if i can get BF to watch kids lol

Monday, 20 August 2007


Scan doesnt really do this justice did this for aug week 3 challenge on uks but is also another page for my a-z album G for Grandparents i never got to meet my grandad as he died before i was born but i was nannas little girl until she died when i was 7 year old i can picture her and miss her so much so cherish all the pics i have of her

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Red page

This is my red page pic is of my red winnie the pooh doll i used to collect dolls before my growin collection of teddies so i gave all my dolls away apart from a few special ones this bein one of them used red grosgrain ribbon top and bottom and framed the pic with flowers usin brads in the centres

Silver page

This is my silver page a photo of my silver shoes i spent all day looking for lol use sparkly silver ribbon a diamante ribbon buckle i cut off and old bra lol some silver gems and cut a shoe template out and stuck on the bottom

Writing smudged a bit at the bottom but is just still about readable

Turquoise page

This is my turquoise page pic of my poncho think thats how its spelt used velvet letters photo corners 3 primas and ric rak scan doesnt show up that well but there is also bluey doodling in the top corner and under the photo very basic los

cream/beige page

Cream beige page for the colour album pic of my duvet cover as thats creamy beige glittered the top flowers used chinese symbols and made like a little duvet cover for seceret journalling stamping chinese symbols on to it to try match the duvet photo lol scan doesnt show it up that well tho

Grey page

Here is my grey page for the colour album i have joined in with pic of my top i bought used silver brads and inked a white flower with a silver ink pad to make it look grey

Sunday, 12 August 2007

growing on me

Enjoyed this lo even tho it took me ages to find a pic and colours to match lol the white space is growing on me so may try something else similar to this

No title

Done for the stepping stones class on uks i really liked this photo of me and thought it would look good on this lo handcut the flowers for the border at the bottom and chose matching shades to finish off the look just couldnt come up with a title so will add one later when i think of one

another lo

This was done for the head in the clouds class on uks couldnt find a pic appropiate for that so changed it to head in the sand and think it works quite well couldnt decide on what colours to use but the blue and green work ok

Pleaed with this one

Another lo done for the uks cc am really peased with how this looks used what i had in my stash and picked colours that would work together took me a while to complete this but well worth the effort

Scrapping day

This was done for the uks summer cc i quite liked the colours for this one and went well with the photos altho i made a mistake and put 2008for the date instead of 07 so need to fix that up at some point have had a great day scrapping today


This is for the weekly challenge on uks to use purple doodling a first and 5 scraps
this wasnt my original plan for this so its a pretty basic lo as i wanted to get on with the summer cyber crop classes on uks a first tattoo purple pp 5 scrap squares and swirls not a very apt design for a first tattoo but my cousin gave me 20 quid if i would have one done with her and go first and this was the only cute design i liked from the price range it didnt hurt and i would like another one

Mother and son

This is the love is class from the uks summer cyber crop really enjoyed this did this on friday night and says Mother and son a mothers love is unconditional its for an album for my sister that i am doing

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Kids why do they do this

Was hoping to sit and scrap got as far as prinitng photos out then my son disappeared he was spose to camp out then it got cancelled so his friend of whom i dont like asked if he could camp in the field with him i said NO and now my son is no where to be seen when he gets back in the morning he is in BIG TROUBLE i am gonna be worrying all night now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Doing well

I am really pleased with how i am doing with my driving lessons felt more confident today and did really well even the instructor was pleased with how i did this was my 5th lesson did my turn in the road perfectly too got roundabouts to look forward to next week am not gettin my hopes too much about passing tho cos if it happens it happens if not then its not but i am really enjoying driving and should have done this a long time ago

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Pencil lines 44

Was challenged to scrap this pic of me so incorporated it with the pencil lines sketch 44 quite pleased with the colour scheme and how it looks

K for Kids

My K for Kids page for my a-z and was also a challenge by Elaine to do a lo of recent pic of them now that was a challenge in itself they whinged wouldnt pose then when i finally did get them to they didnt look very happy as you can tell lol son was more enthusiastic as dd used to be great when they were younger they would smile for the camera now they are not bothered one bit

2 more los

Managed to do los tonight once i got the kids sorted this was a challenge to use pic of dd and pink also used pencil lines sketch 35 tried doodling usin the free stencil from SI and managed to make a mess of it lol doesnt look too bad tho cut flowers from dovecraft amethyst papers and layered them on photo
Second lo was to do a lo about hair so used before and after pics of my new hair cut using pencil lines sketch 38 was in a bit of a pink mood tonight lol so must do a different colour on next lo

Sunday, 5 August 2007

New hairstyle

This is a pic of me before havin my hair done and the other pic is me after i like it as i used to this colour before but just think its a bit short at the back it feels tons better now as my hair does get quite thick and will be a lot easier to manage now too

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Why oh why

Why is it everytime i want to sit and scrap the kids end up fighting and causing havoc all i ask is for half hour of piece but no will come back to it later on when i get the chance. Need to go food shopping how exciting lol then maybe to a bbq later if the weather stays nice so i know i wont get anything done later

Friday, 3 August 2007

Not pleased

With this at all i couldnt think of what to do my mind was just a blank it was a challenge to use green 2pp and a diamond i could have done a lot better with this photo if i could have tried am gonna have a break before even attempting my 3rd lo


To finally come with something to do for the current weekly chalenge on uks and this is it

I dont think it looks too bad but could have been better have done 2 los and i am not that happy with either my mind just doesnt seem to work gonna have a bash at another and if that turns out not as planned think i will give it in and try again tommorow

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Little miss attitude

This is my take on pencil lines sketch no 42 really enjoyed this one and dont think the colours look too bad this is really little miss attitude for people that know my DD know that this title is very her she can be deceiving lol was gonna do another lo but lost my scrappin mood so save for tommorow instead cant beleive its nearly august got my nephews bday party tommrow which shud be fun NOT lol

Sunday, 29 July 2007

O for orient

Did this lo for the imediate challenge thread using red gold and an oriental theme thought it would also be a good idea to do for my book of me so this is my o page i really enjoyed doing this one as i love the oriental and the doll and fan are just 2 things from my bedroom


Managed to get the weekly challenge done on uks really struggled with this one but i think it has turned out ok

its my nephew just havin finished his ice cream lol

Saturday, 28 July 2007

A star in the making

This lo was done for the imediate challenge thread on uks set by Knitkath to use 1 large letter 2 pp 1 pic and something shiny and here it is my nephew looking rather cool in shades surprised he kept them on long enough to get a photo as he is one hard cookie to get a piccie of lol may put this to one side and do my sis an album or just keep it for myself lol

Thursday, 26 July 2007

I survived

Well i survived the dentist even tho i was clenching my fists lol DD cried tho she kept saying have you done yet ow it hurts have you done yet bless her they had to fill an hole in her tooth they cleaned mine but i have to go back on 17th august for 2 fillings and 2 extractions which i am so not looking forward to i will be S******G my pants i knew this was coming tho for not going for quite a while so think i better try put my phobia behind me and get on with it.No scrapping for me today had an argument earlier which i am sick to death of now when will things go right or get better am off to bed so goodnight


I have to go to the dentist this afternoon and i am so not looking forward to it i am really petrified and have been for the last 8 years i used to be fine before that but since havin a bad experience with my previous dentist i have clamed up and everytime i go now i shake get rather hot my previous dentist didnt numb my mouth properly and really hurt me doing a filling even tho i tried to tell him to stop so ever since when i have something touch my mouth at the dentist i think i can feel pain its cemented on my brain so if i survive i will be back later

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Something missing

Did this lo earlier today challenge elaine gave me to use 2 shades purple/lilac 1 pic and harry potter didnt have anything harry potter so got as magical as i could with this using stars but it just needs that little bit of something else adding to the top not sure what yet tho