Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stitches are out

Last thursday caitlin had the stitches removed from her head and her is the big scar she is left with at the bottom near to her eye it is weeping a little so they stuck a couple of steri strips on it and we also had concerns about a blister that had formed on her knuckles of the left hand where it was grazed so they dressed it we then went back on sunday and they had another look at it they stuck more steri strips on the head and re dressed the wound on her hand and we now have to go back on thrusday morning as they want to keep an eye on it it is looking quite sore i changed the dressing last night and its pink around the edge and yellow in the middle i cleaned it and re dressed it just have to see what they say when we go on thursday now.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my brave little girl

Well what an eventful few days its been sunday night my daughter was climbimg on a gate and the stone arch fell on top of her cutting her head completely open been in hospital for a few day just come home this morning
This is a pic of the bandage on her head before she had her op done

This is a pic of her head and arm/hand she had a cut on her thumb and grazed her knuckles so they sorted her hand out when they did her head as she wouldnt let anyone touch it

This was taken yesterday after she had her op while we were stying in to see if her temp stayed down

taken this morning before we saw the doc it had swelled up on her left eye so we need to keep an eye on this
This is a close up of her head this is how long the scar will be as it was a big cut a big hole she was very lucky it wasnt any worse than it is it was about 2 inch wide at least she has been very brave throughout it all just hope she has a speedy recovery now

Monday, 16 August 2010

One long post of photo and lo challenges

I have had to do one long post of the rest of the photo and layout challenges i did for shimelles crop as the deadline is tommorow my daughter had an accident last night and has gashed her head wide open waiting for surgery to fix it so i have popped hom to change and collect some stuff
This is photo of a smile

This is a candid shot photo
Photo of crafting space

Phot of books
layout using numbers

Reflection photo

Layout using hearts

Layout using saturdays sketch
Layout using pink
Layout done using squares
Layout done using journalling around edge of photo
Photo of light in the dark
Layout using 4 dif patterened papers

black and white photo

This lo is done for the black and white photo challenge used gcd papers and pic of my friends little girl

Saturday, 14 August 2010

below the knee

photo challenge 9 below the knee to take a photo of feet shoes etc as long as it is below the knee so here is a photo of my pink/black shoes that i love

nature photo

Photo challenge 8 to take a picture of nature so i took this one of the tree branches that is at the side of my fence in the field

LOL cat

Photo challenge 7 lol cat to caption a photo with a funny status took this pic of my cat and couldnt think of anything more inventive sorry lol

photo 6

Saturdays first photo challenge number 6 was to take a photo of up above so this is my pic of the clouds in the sky quite a clear day as the day drew on a bit

photo 5

Photo challenge 5 was to take a pic of a sign or signs well there isnt any round here so i took this photo of my recycle sticker on the bin (yes its out of date a bit but i got my new dates indoors lol ) not sure if it will count but couldnt find anything else suitable

photo 4

Photo challenge 4 was to take a pic of explosive energy no one here has more energy than my daughter lol so i got her to jump about on the trampoline not very inventive but was all i could think of

use circles

This challenge was to use circles so i looked through my photos and an idea came to mind to use the circles to make an ice cream to go along with the photo so i cout 3 dif circles a cone and a flake

photo 3

Photo challenge three to take a pic through a windo so i took this photo from my daughters bedroom window zoomed in a little it shows the main road down from us

photo 2

photo challenge two to take a pic of something manmade so i took this photo of my scrapping chair so hope this counts lol

fridays sketch

This is a lo for the fridays sketch over on shimelles online crop just a simple but effective lo

photo 1

Photo challenge number one to take a close up photo i took a close up of the flower that is on my daughters sandal

shimelles online crop

I had a look on shimelles blog and decided to give the online crop a go that is taking place over the weekend why not get yourselfs over there and check it out
The first project is create a project using red/white/aqua this is my lo but i dont think i am too keen on the star in the bottom corner didnt turn out how i wanted it to but like the rest of the lo

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

teacher gifts

I lost my lead for my camera so have only just been able to upload these i made these gifts for dd teachers and teaching assistants
This is a card i made

These are stationary boxes i saw these on a blog that was featured on the home page of ukscrappers sorry cant remember the name and thought they would make great gifts so i made 4 of them they are quite easy to do and i enjoyed doing them and they were well appreciated too