Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Little miss attitude

This is my take on pencil lines sketch no 42 really enjoyed this one and dont think the colours look too bad this is really little miss attitude for people that know my DD know that this title is very her she can be deceiving lol was gonna do another lo but lost my scrappin mood so save for tommorow instead cant beleive its nearly august got my nephews bday party tommrow which shud be fun NOT lol

Sunday, 29 July 2007

O for orient

Did this lo for the imediate challenge thread using red gold and an oriental theme thought it would also be a good idea to do for my book of me so this is my o page i really enjoyed doing this one as i love the oriental and the doll and fan are just 2 things from my bedroom


Managed to get the weekly challenge done on uks really struggled with this one but i think it has turned out ok

its my nephew just havin finished his ice cream lol

Saturday, 28 July 2007

A star in the making

This lo was done for the imediate challenge thread on uks set by Knitkath to use 1 large letter 2 pp 1 pic and something shiny and here it is my nephew looking rather cool in shades surprised he kept them on long enough to get a photo as he is one hard cookie to get a piccie of lol may put this to one side and do my sis an album or just keep it for myself lol

Thursday, 26 July 2007

I survived

Well i survived the dentist even tho i was clenching my fists lol DD cried tho she kept saying have you done yet ow it hurts have you done yet bless her they had to fill an hole in her tooth they cleaned mine but i have to go back on 17th august for 2 fillings and 2 extractions which i am so not looking forward to i will be S******G my pants i knew this was coming tho for not going for quite a while so think i better try put my phobia behind me and get on with it.No scrapping for me today had an argument earlier which i am sick to death of now when will things go right or get better am off to bed so goodnight


I have to go to the dentist this afternoon and i am so not looking forward to it i am really petrified and have been for the last 8 years i used to be fine before that but since havin a bad experience with my previous dentist i have clamed up and everytime i go now i shake get rather hot my previous dentist didnt numb my mouth properly and really hurt me doing a filling even tho i tried to tell him to stop so ever since when i have something touch my mouth at the dentist i think i can feel pain its cemented on my brain so if i survive i will be back later

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Something missing

Did this lo earlier today challenge elaine gave me to use 2 shades purple/lilac 1 pic and harry potter didnt have anything harry potter so got as magical as i could with this using stars but it just needs that little bit of something else adding to the top not sure what yet tho

Monday, 23 July 2007

Oh mandy

Challenge using yellow orange and 2 pics these were taken at my cousins party and for anyone that knows me knows i am a massive westlife fan so when the oh mandy was played by them my sister took it upon herself to serenade me everyone was laughing cos they all knew why she was doing so lol

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Challenge lo

Managed to get a lo done for the imediate challenge thread deb set the challenge using 2 pics purple lace and ink here is what i came up with Took me a while to find a peice of lace but finally found some inked the edge of the lace with a lilac inkpad inked the edge of the photo mats and used an alphabet stamp set for the title i think the word feisty is the only true word on there cos she is no princess just the opposite lol

Friday, 20 July 2007

Heres the big tin

First time i have attempted anything like this so i do hope the teacher will like it i dont think its too bad for a first attempt covered in paper with ribbon and flowers added
This is side of the tin with her name on

Top of tin with saying Inside the tin with all the bits and their tags put tissue
paper around the edge on the inside to make it look
A bit presentable lol

Flowers added on the outside of the tin


Finally managed to get the gifts finished first time at altering things so dont think i have done too bad for a first attempt lol next time i will get square tins doing circles is a nightmare or maybe i just aint doing the right technique
Here are 3 notebooks i did Here are 2 tins i got from asda for 50p bit messy i think but at least i tried covered all the messy bits with flowers and letters so i hope they are ok have put a small bottle of wine in each
The pink and green notebooks are with the thankyou tins for the teaching assistant and my DD support teacher and the lilac notebook and the big special tin which i am posting in a mo is for her main teacher.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Busy bee

Been busy trying to get my teachers gifts sorted stiil a long way to go yet i can do it lol always leave things til last minute me thats my problem i will get it done be back later with piccies

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Another lo done

I was determined to get a lo done last night before i went to bed and i did it was for a challenge using pink background 2 pics and flowers added journalling and doodling to it too and it doesnt look too bad to say it didnt look right when putting it together lol am hoping to get at least one lo done tonight too so see how far i get been busy today doing the bedroom sorting and puttin stuff away it seems to be taking forever been at it since monday but its looking better just a few things left to sort out never realised how much stuff i actually had 2 bags for the charity shop and 5 bags of rubbish OH MY GOD lol

Monday, 16 July 2007

I did

I managed to do 1 lo today so it wasnt all bad in the end was set a challenge to use only the contents of a swap i received and this is the end result some yummy stash was in the box and with it bein blue thought i would use pics of my boy

Will i or wont i

Well i am hoping to get a bit of scrapping done this afternoon after my driving lesson an afternoon of scrappin but i also need to finish off upstairs so shall see how far i get lol watch this space

Just in time

Didnt think i would get the weekly challenge done this week in time been busy today got some wardrobes given so had to pick those up then assemble them again move my old ones into the kids room and sort all the clothes out so before i went to bed i had to get this done quite pleased with how its turned out to say its a bit rushed.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

On a mission

Was on a mission today to find new shoes wanted some black peep toe ones but the ones i liked they didnt have my size (typical) so i ended up coming home with these silver ones got diamonte circles on the front

I got this top yesterday and the belt today so the shoes will go ok with this and my 3/4 jeans just fancied a change as i usually wear the same stuff to go out in so thought i would treat myself and why not

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Busy day

Been a busy day today went straight to my sisters after dropping DD off at school then went to town mum came too got a top for £6 a skirt for £5 some jewellry for a pound each a chrome towel rail and 2 candles for my bathroom so all in all a busy but productive day kids have stressed me out just wish they would listen to me once in a while lol have had a bath watchin bb then off to bed as i am shattered

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Been playing in psp

Was messing about in paint shop pro and did these wasnt in the mood to get my paper stash out still havnt mastered how to work it properly but dont think i have done too bad with them am hoping to get my stuff out tonight but anything can happen so we will see need to print a few things out yet which i will do in a short while . I even made myself a new header took me a while to figure out how to get it to the right size but i got there eventually anyone that knows me knows i am teddy mad lol.

Friday, 6 July 2007

A couple of pics i took with my new camera was just havin a play about with it they look nice enough even maybe to do a page with lol

Thursday, 5 July 2007

My new toy

My new toy arrived today my camera am so pleased wont have to annoy my sis by keep asking to borrow hers its a canon powershot A530 and its good been havin a little play about with it takin a few pics so will put some on here later i cant go in to room to put my memory card in the printer cos there is a huge spider and its scared me off i know i shouldnt be scared of them but i am i cant go anywhere near them oooo making me cringe just talkin about it not been on here for a while had a lot of things happenin at home which will hopefully get sorted out i have enjoyed my 2 weeks peice without my friends here lol have actually managed to get things done for once without bein interupted in between the mis haps that have gone on.
Been glossing in nathans room today just need to get a new curtain pole and some curtains put the border up and the duvet on and its finished at last seems to have taken forever must remember to always take paper off the walls and not paper over cos when you come to take it all off its a nightmare lol.