Thursday, 29 May 2008

Baby boy maze book

I made this maze book last night for my friend who lives over in ireland she had a baby boy back end of march and have used the photos she sent me to make her a mini book she is coming over to stay with her mum today for a week so it will be so good to see her and meet baby lewis too am gonna make one also for her mum

Thursday, 22 May 2008

stitching again

I loved stitching on my last lo that it gave me the idea of stitching on this lo and using french knots to replicate the rope climbing frame my son was on trying to be a monkey hence the title i am pleased with how this turned out and will def be doing more stitching on my los from now on

sticthing on a lo

I did this lo for the monthly house challenge on uks which was stitching and fave place i drew round a piece of heart scalloped shaped cs and pierced holes around the outline and stitched using green cotton i took a photo of my bedroom as that is my fave place to unwind and relax the green theme came about cos my printer seems to be printing things out in green dont know why so rather than going elsewhere to get photo sorted i decided to use a green theme to blend in with it all it turned out ok

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Nappy cake

This is my first attempt at making a nappy cake i had seen one on uks and thought they were fab and would be a perfect gift for my friend i am really pleased with how it turned out and didnt take that long either should have taken a pic before i wrapped it in cellophane but you get the idea hope my friend likes it when i give it to her tommorow

word book

This is my first attempt at making a word book from scratch printed the letters off the pc and traced round to form the name on chipboard covered with pp and embellished have left spaces for my friend to add photos of her baby emma who was born on friday another of my gifts for her

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Made a box for my shoe

Made a box for the baby shoe i made for my friend have attatched the shoe to the base of the box and decorated the inside of the box with lace and the baby's details name date time weight a first attempt at doing one of this and i like the end result

Friday, 16 May 2008

couple of little projects

Done a couple of little projects over the past couple of days i made this little shoe for my friend who is havin a little girl i have just had a phone call 20mins ago to say she had her at 3.30pm this afternoon weighing 8lb 4ozs i cant wait to go see her over the weekend have also started to do a nappy cake which i will finish before i go see her

This is dotee doll i made for a swap i am in on uks they are so quick to make and fun to do i might make some more for my neices and daughter

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My new storage caddy

I went out with my mum and dad yesterday and they bought me this fab storage box it has quite a few drawers and compartments for things i just have to find where to put it and what to put in it now lol
The first picture is the top big enough to hold 12x12 and it comes off the top

This is one of the sides it has a corky board to stick things on and 3 pockets at the bottom
This is another side with drawers and the bottom drawer with the holes is for ribbon it has a metal rod inside
These are a few ribbons that came with it inside the drawer and it also has another few in the other side
This pic is sideways for some reason this is another side and it has pockets to hole bits in
The 4th side same as the other side with the ribbon holder at the bottom

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Day at the zoo

We took the kids out for the day today to blackpool zoo it was a treat for caitlin seeing as we couldnt afford a birthday party for her we had a great day and the kids loved it the weather was fab we all enjoyed looking at the animals and its changed a little since we last went about 6-7 years ago we left just in time tho as there we could hear rumbles and it started to rain we also drove down to blackpool sea front and called in to see lisa at the guest house we have always stayed at we got back at about 9pm kids are shattered so they will sleep tonight here are a few photos i took loads of pics and got a few good ones so plenty to scrap with lol
This is a little baby donkey so cute
My son monkeying around pretending to be a monkey making sounds on this rope climbing frame
caitlin havin fun on the play frame
another monkey pose
Finally got caitlin to have a photo taken with me towards the end she wouldnt co operate earlier in the day this was in the dinasour bit
Kids with their dad he could have been one of the gorillas there rofl
This orangutan made me laugh its sat posing for the cameras doing a big cheesy smile it was funny
This is jitu the gorilla he just sat there last time we was there he was outside but i guess he wasnt havin none of it today
Not sure why caitlin is looking at nathan like that she can be stange at times lol
Nathan looking at the donkeys he saw me taking a photo and turned round to face me

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Happy birthday caitlin

My daughter is 9 year old today time has flown by she is a right little madam now these are a few of the pics i took this morning of her openin her pressies she loved it didnt wanna go to school she wanted to stay home lol she got what she wanted in the end so thats good as long as she is happy i am happy got a cake for her when she gets back which she doesnt know about so will try get some more pics later too

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Its nice to have some sunshine after all the rain we have had manage to grab an hour in the garden earlier reading a book which doesnt happen often lol dd will be another year older tommorow she is real excited bless her got all her pressies wrapped this aft just got a cake to get now we are not havin a party for her this year it gets too much year after year so hoping to take her out for the day at the weekend as a treat
Grabbed a bargain the other day whilst shopping for dd pressies a lovely tinkerbell portrait album for £3 its postbound and has 20 pages enough for 40 los and is about 3/4 inch bigger than A4 be nice to scrap a dif size just need to think of what to put in it now