Monday, 28 September 2009

I havnt done any scrapping since about june before my world fell apart so with a new desk and a good sort out its about time i found myself again and started gettin back in to it i find it may help me along the line to take my mind off things but to remember the good things about my life and the people in it

Here are 2 los i have done today the first is the weekly challenge over on uks which i am quite pleased with the second is pl154 sketch altho my idea didnt work too well and its kinda of a shambles oh well will come back to it another day to see what more i can do with it

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New desk

After a tough couple of months i am hoping to start get back in to scrapping as not done any in a long time and it may stop me dwelling on things too much as i get upset everytime i think about my dad i am really starting to miss him now
Anyway i have a new pc desk to craft on i bought it off ebay and it looks tons better than before altho the before pic below shows my previous kitchen worktop desk it wasnt that tidy as that pic was taken just after i put the worktop up and looked worse than that lol i craft in my bedroom havin moved from the kitchen when my stash overflowed and grew lol

These are the after pics with my new corner pc desk it still needs a bit of sorting i need to work my way through the pizza boxes on the floor lol i want to get an expedit unit from ikea when i can afford to to go alongside the desk as it will look better and tidier and oh yeah my new twilight pic is on the wall just in view lol