Thursday, 26 July 2007

I survived

Well i survived the dentist even tho i was clenching my fists lol DD cried tho she kept saying have you done yet ow it hurts have you done yet bless her they had to fill an hole in her tooth they cleaned mine but i have to go back on 17th august for 2 fillings and 2 extractions which i am so not looking forward to i will be S******G my pants i knew this was coming tho for not going for quite a while so think i better try put my phobia behind me and get on with it.No scrapping for me today had an argument earlier which i am sick to death of now when will things go right or get better am off to bed so goodnight

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Tracy'sspace said...

Hi Amanda,
Well done, glad it went off okay, even if not too okay for your daughter. Poor thing! Brenda hasnt had a filling yet, not looking forward to her first, lol.