Friday, 28 March 2008

How am i gonna cope

For the next week lol kids have driven me insane today whinging in and out like yo yos fighting arguing dd decided to put ds shoes in the mop bucket which was full of water and ds threw dd pram all in the big mud puddle we have in the garden which had her school bag on it so it all got caked in mud and i have another week of this before they go back to school lol

Decided to sort my stuff out a bit make it more tidy so as i could scrap but have distractions with the kids my friend came and so on and i still havnt finished so better get it finished now and then its off to bed i feel so worn out

Had a great night weds seeing westlife a few laughs were had i didnt want it to end got a few decentish pics so not all doom and gloom

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Debbie said...

Sounds a bit like my house during the past week - back to school next Thursday - feel more sorry for me, I've got 4 kids!!