Sunday, 8 March 2009

1999 cj

I took part in the book of delights cj over on ukscrappers and i chose to do my daughters birth year as it will be nice for her to look back at what happened in the year she was born i just need to add some finishing touches to it thank you to all of you for your entrys i just love it and i am sure my daughter will too
The front cover
My entry of the top singles and albums featured in 1999
Dees entry of the eclipse this is just fab
Mrs mcfs entry of royal wedding of prince andrew and sophie rhys jones
I just love this one by ruthie b such a fun page about s club 7 who got together in 1999 i love the little people as the band members
This is matrix by emlouise
The fifth elephant by trubags
This is about the euro comin in dif countries by bridget william
The millenium bug by lynn d
Prices by guiderbec the envelope opens with a tag inside showing prices of a few things in that year
And finally books by perdita

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Wrightboysmum said...

These are lovely CJ entries Amanda. What a great record for your kids.