Thursday, 26 November 2009

Well worth the wait

Hi not got any scrapping projects to show as have not really done anything since the cybercrop on uks apart from a couple of cj entrys on the other hand i did go see new moon at the cinema on friday 20th the cinema was packed out am so glad we prebooked our tickets we queued for quite a while and then when we got in the cinema we got seperated as there wasnt enough seats together but WOW i just loved the film it was absolutely fantastic altho jacob has a nice body its still EDWARD for me i cringed when he was getting beat up by the volturi when we came out we wanted to go back in to see it again lol altho i have seen it a second time on tuesday with my other sister and loved every minute again cinema wasnt so packed this time but there was a draft coming from somewhere and was pretty cold but it took my mind off that watching the film lol and i am off to go see it again next tuesday with my cousin so am looking forward to seeing it again and cant wait for the dvd to come out in march next year and even still cant wait for eclipse to come out now in june next year shall be def wishing the time away lol

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