Thursday, 24 June 2010

birthday cake

Instead of buying a cake for my sons birthday i decided to make one instead i bought the sugar paper badge kit off ebay and got all the ingredients i needed and set about it its spose to be a man utd football shirt it all went well til it came to icing it no matter how much red food colouring i used it wouldnt go red and looks pink so i didnt do the black icing stripes and just stuck the badges on nathan was impressed dispite the colour lol and i dont think its too bad as a first attempt at doing a shaped cake but its all trial and error as my dad would say maybe next time i can get the icing the right colour the cake does taste great so thats a bonus as i have had many disassters LOL

1 comment:

Caroline and Jayne said...

Well done its quite scary making a special cake as everyone will see it lol !