Friday, 6 January 2012

Messy desk

Well here is the bomb site of my crafty corner lol my desk has become a bit of a dumping ground lately and has bits of everything on it its in serious need of a tidy up so i can get scrapping again
 Here is whats at the right hand side to the desk more dumping which also needs a tidy up
 and last but not least my ever growing pile of pizza boxes would not be so bad if i had a bit more storage so seriously need to try find homes for all this


My simple life said...

My desk is in a similar state, goo luck to both of us! lol

DaraR said...

hahah you must must sign up for this contest!! If you win they will pimp your desk out which I think would be great for your blog. Plus it would be a perfect video for your blog. Theres still time left and then we will vote vote vote if you list the link. Go to to enter for free or see this youtube link