Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain rain go away

The weather has been horendous today pouring it down all day got soaked goin to school and back this mornin got changed and dried then went to my mums as a nurse was comin to show me how to give her injections i was quite nervous this morning but the nurse was lovely talked me through every step and i did it perfectly my mum and dad were proud of me and i was proud of myself for doin it nurse is comin again next week to go through it again with me then after that i will be on my own to do it if it helps my mum then i dont mind.
Here are 2 los i did this afternoon whilst the weather was bad am halfway through another but been tryin to sort DD out as she is playin up for me now like she always does whilst it has been rainin today the wind has been blowin towards my back door and i noticed bubbles put my hand there and its been leaking through gone through 3 towels this afternoon soakin it up hope it doesnt rain again tommorow.

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