Sunday, 3 June 2007

Enjoying the nice weather

Another lovely day here been a nice weekend my sister did a BBQ earlier so that ment i didnt have to cook which was fab altho its been too warm to cook a dinner which is what we usually have on a sunday. Am hoping to do a lo or 2 later once the kids are in bed. Got a busy week planned went to b and q this morning got some lining paper and paint for my sons bedroom and also some paint for the bathroom so thats my plans for this week decorating am also startin my diet tommorow so at least it will be a bit of excercise too lol am feeling really bad about myself at the moment as i have put loads of weight on and am just not happy within myself so have decided to do something about it my problem is i dont stick at things so am gonna give a good go this time if things get too much am gonna try and think of a way to distract me from snacking and do something positive so shall see how i get on.

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