Thursday, 5 July 2007

My new toy

My new toy arrived today my camera am so pleased wont have to annoy my sis by keep asking to borrow hers its a canon powershot A530 and its good been havin a little play about with it takin a few pics so will put some on here later i cant go in to room to put my memory card in the printer cos there is a huge spider and its scared me off i know i shouldnt be scared of them but i am i cant go anywhere near them oooo making me cringe just talkin about it not been on here for a while had a lot of things happenin at home which will hopefully get sorted out i have enjoyed my 2 weeks peice without my friends here lol have actually managed to get things done for once without bein interupted in between the mis haps that have gone on.
Been glossing in nathans room today just need to get a new curtain pole and some curtains put the border up and the duvet on and its finished at last seems to have taken forever must remember to always take paper off the walls and not paper over cos when you come to take it all off its a nightmare lol.

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