Sunday, 6 January 2008

365 journal days 3 and 4

Here are days 3 and 4

day 3 Imperfection
I hate the shape of my body fat tummy and big bum i never lost the weight after havin caitlin until couple of years ago when i lost over a stone and dropped a dress size i felt better within myself But i put it all back on again and feel very insecure about myself So if i have done it before i can do it again i just have to beleive in myself and the imperfections will go away (missed some journalling out as its personal to me)

Day 4 normal day
A daily routine forme is preparing meals i am def not a good cook and burn toast at the best of times lol but i do try and always make sure theres a meal on the table for my kids Today i did a pie not my own ready made pastry and filling but at least i tried it tasted nice actually my kids are funny eaters so sometimes i am do more than 1 meal but its all part of my daily routine along with the other things in life

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knitkath said...

Amanda, love your 365 pages, keep it up, and the positive thinking!