Sunday, 6 January 2008

days 5 and 6

Day 5 I am beautiful no matter what they say
journalling says
People who know me know i am beautiful or else they wouldnt want to know me But i dont beleive i am i think i am fat and ugly on the outside but the one thing i do know is that i'm a good person who's kind,caring and giving and always there for others before i am there for myself so i need to start listening to myself more which i will try do because i am beautiful even if i dont belive it
Day 6 Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of the sumeams
journalling reads
I can see a difference to my hands and thats there getting older i dont take as much care to my hands as i should be doin and takin this photo today looking closely i am goin to try change that you only get 1 pair of hands in this life and i know mine arnt afraid of hard work either take care of your hands

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