Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Well here it is another year halloween night (spooky) we took the kids out trick or treating me and my sisters and they loved it altho us adults were a little cold lol we were only out about an hour and they came back with loads of sweets each
Here is my pumpkin i did earlier today of a ghost which i got the pattern from the internet i made a mistake cutting it out but you cant really tell and it looked good lit up in the dark

This is my little nephew callum who is 2 and a half he looked so cute dressed as dracula bless him and when we were out a few people were impressed by the way he said thankyou he was so sweet
This is a pic of nathan (ds) and my niece danielle my nephew jordan and callum my dd went in a sulk and wouldnt have a group photo done spoilsport she is lol

This is dd dressed as a devil and thats not in disguise lol as she is a devil 99.9% of the time i couldnt get hold of any face paint so ended up using some red lipstick i had laying around and black eyeliner
This is my nephew again tried to get him to smile but he wasnt havin any of it
This is my dd and ds devil and pirate wanted a change from what they were last year which was a witch and dracula and a better pic than last year too as dd actually smiled this time lol

I had to have a little bit of joining in with the halloween theme so before i got a bath i got my devil horns and took a pic lol crazy i know but what the hell its only once a year lol


fairymadjo said...

ahhh great photo's hun.looks like you had great time. hugs jo x

cantstopstampin said...

that pumpkin is spectacular, well done you.