Wednesday, 18 August 2010

my brave little girl

Well what an eventful few days its been sunday night my daughter was climbimg on a gate and the stone arch fell on top of her cutting her head completely open been in hospital for a few day just come home this morning
This is a pic of the bandage on her head before she had her op done

This is a pic of her head and arm/hand she had a cut on her thumb and grazed her knuckles so they sorted her hand out when they did her head as she wouldnt let anyone touch it

This was taken yesterday after she had her op while we were stying in to see if her temp stayed down

taken this morning before we saw the doc it had swelled up on her left eye so we need to keep an eye on this
This is a close up of her head this is how long the scar will be as it was a big cut a big hole she was very lucky it wasnt any worse than it is it was about 2 inch wide at least she has been very brave throughout it all just hope she has a speedy recovery now


Penny aka Pennyk said...

Aww bless she was a brave little girl. Let hope the surgeons have done a good bit of embroidery on the cut and it does not scar.

ally said...

Aww bless her she was a brave little girl hope she gets better