Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stitches are out

Last thursday caitlin had the stitches removed from her head and her is the big scar she is left with at the bottom near to her eye it is weeping a little so they stuck a couple of steri strips on it and we also had concerns about a blister that had formed on her knuckles of the left hand where it was grazed so they dressed it we then went back on sunday and they had another look at it they stuck more steri strips on the head and re dressed the wound on her hand and we now have to go back on thrusday morning as they want to keep an eye on it it is looking quite sore i changed the dressing last night and its pink around the edge and yellow in the middle i cleaned it and re dressed it just have to see what they say when we go on thursday now.


Uma said...

ouch! how brave is cait!

2Angels said...

Oh Amanda, only just seen this because I was away the whole of August and some of September. So sorry about what happened to your daughter, what a brave girl and hope she is healed properly now. :)