Wednesday, 1 December 2010

snow day

Well what a day it has been i had to go to a training thing so set off this morning for the bus as i was on the bus in to town it started snowing and i got a text to say school was closing at 12pm i went to the training place which started at 11am but its was for 2 hours i explained about havin to get back for the kids etc so they have re scheduled it for me for next week. I went for the bus back home and the station was completely covered in snow and full of people some buses had been cancelled luckily my bus was still running sticking to main road only which was ok as the main road is at the bottom of our hill what is normally a 20 min bus ride turned in to a 2 hour trip stuck on the bus for 2 hours packed to rim havin drips come from people who were stood up that had just got on wasnt pleasent but the only way i was gettin home school had kindly dropped my daughter off home where my sister watched her til i got back so didnt have to worry about the kids
This photo is of the main road taken by my sis when she picked her son up from school

This pic is of the hill i have to walk up and down daily twice as hard in the snow if you see that house right at the top behind that little car thats where i have to walk to and the pic is taken half way down the hill so more at the bottom

This is a view from my bedroom window at the front of the house the little cul de sac completly covered
This is the view from the back of the house a big field and houses and buildings all on the other side
Lets see what tommorow brings as i have an app which is very important but if the buses stop running i wont be able to get there

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2Angels said...

What a nightmare! Glad that the school was able to drop your daughter off and your sister was able to look after her! Snow sucks! :)