Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hello 2011

Not post in a while and not done any crafting in a while either so dont have any pages or anything to show you yet but hope to get back in to it soon
On 4th dec i was admitted to hospital as i had a severe asthma attack and got put on to the intensive care unit which was quite scary at first but havin seen what goes on on there it has given me a different view on things there is a nurse for each patient and you get one to one care the nurses were brilliant and i cant thank them enough for what they did for me tests came back on 7th saying i had swine flu and that was what brought on the attack i was put into isolation before being transferred to a normal ward the day after and the level of care i got on there was rubbish the nurses were crap i had asked 6 times to get them to change me not something i want to go in to tho anyhow a couple photos of my arm taken day after i came home i had a tube in my artery so they could do my blood gases and it bruised me and it bloody hurt i can tell ya lol

This is a pic of my son and cousins baby on new years day
Pic of my cousins baby Ebony asleep in the moses basket
This is a pic of my daughter and my 2 nephews cal 5yrs and bobby 11week he is a chunky bum lol

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