Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My new storage caddy

I went out with my mum and dad yesterday and they bought me this fab storage box it has quite a few drawers and compartments for things i just have to find where to put it and what to put in it now lol
The first picture is the top big enough to hold 12x12 and it comes off the top

This is one of the sides it has a corky board to stick things on and 3 pockets at the bottom
This is another side with drawers and the bottom drawer with the holes is for ribbon it has a metal rod inside
These are a few ribbons that came with it inside the drawer and it also has another few in the other side
This pic is sideways for some reason this is another side and it has pockets to hole bits in
The 4th side same as the other side with the ribbon holder at the bottom


Penny aka Pennyk said...

That is a real cool storage box- from where did your parent get it and how much.

tara said...

wow i love that storage can i ask where you got it from and the cost?
Tara x