Sunday, 11 May 2008

Day at the zoo

We took the kids out for the day today to blackpool zoo it was a treat for caitlin seeing as we couldnt afford a birthday party for her we had a great day and the kids loved it the weather was fab we all enjoyed looking at the animals and its changed a little since we last went about 6-7 years ago we left just in time tho as there we could hear rumbles and it started to rain we also drove down to blackpool sea front and called in to see lisa at the guest house we have always stayed at we got back at about 9pm kids are shattered so they will sleep tonight here are a few photos i took loads of pics and got a few good ones so plenty to scrap with lol
This is a little baby donkey so cute
My son monkeying around pretending to be a monkey making sounds on this rope climbing frame
caitlin havin fun on the play frame
another monkey pose
Finally got caitlin to have a photo taken with me towards the end she wouldnt co operate earlier in the day this was in the dinasour bit
Kids with their dad he could have been one of the gorillas there rofl
This orangutan made me laugh its sat posing for the cameras doing a big cheesy smile it was funny
This is jitu the gorilla he just sat there last time we was there he was outside but i guess he wasnt havin none of it today
Not sure why caitlin is looking at nathan like that she can be stange at times lol
Nathan looking at the donkeys he saw me taking a photo and turned round to face me


jay670120 said...

fab photos, looked like all the family had a great time x

Penny aka Pennyk said...

Amanda some really lovely shots of the kids. The one of Caitlin on the climbing frame is really good also the ones with their Mummy and Daddy. So now there is no excuse not to scrap!!