Friday, 6 February 2009

swag bag swap

This is the swag bag i received in the cc swap and i am ever so pleased with it i got a piece of embossed cs and 2 other sheets of cs,pp ,rub ons,stickers,ribbon,a little diary notebook and a purple heart fluffy pen,cd photo frame,box of belgian truffles and a pooh bear

This is mr pooh bear he is dressed as sherlock holmes which is very appropiate for me with my surname bein holmes lol
Dont know why this photo is turned the other way but this is the fab doughnut photo frame and what should be inside my fave boys in the world it says good to enough to eat and boy they certainly are esp one in particular lol this is just the best and i am a very happy bunny

1 comment:

Penny aka Pennyk said...

wow Amanda your swapee did good for you Hun.