Monday, 9 February 2009

wat a weekend

It was cybercrop weekend over on uks and i have had lots of fun with it all first of all this is my mystery kit creation we have to make something with just the contents of the box and our team FBI was from scrapshed and the rusty pickle rock star collection which was just fab the name gave me an idea to make a stage i used the pizza box it came in to make the stage itself and painted it with black paint and used a star stencil and a white paint dabber to do the stars i put one of the sheets of paper as the back drop and printed a drum image and coloured that in black with clear stickles i cut a section from the star cs and stuck that on the top with red ribbon and the title i made 2 speakers out of black card and drew on the fronts using pics of DD and DS i will get some full length photos at some point i cut some curtains out of white card and attated these to the sides my kids are really impressed with it and i may have to make another as they are already arguing over who gets to keep it lol

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